Föstudaginn 31. janúar kl 9 mun Anthony Schultz halda fyrirlestur, sem ber heitið:

„Koalas in changing environments: conservation, inbreeding, and disease avoidance“.

Í fyrirlestrinum mun hann segja frá vinnu sinni við rannsóknir á Koala björnum í Ástralíu.

Allir eru velkomnir

Friday the 31th January at 9 am, Anthony Schultz will have a lecture about: „Koalas in changing environments: conservation, inbreeding, and disease avoidance“. 

In his lecture he will talk about the research work with the Koalas, their special habitats and his work with detection dogs in Australia.

About Anthony:

Anthony is a spatial/movement ecologist from South Africa.

In 2013 he completed his MSc in the UK, where he worked on light-bellied Brent goose migrations through Iceland.

In 2019 Anthony finished his PhD in Australia. 

His PhD work investigated the spatial ecology and genetic health of wild koalas, in order to better inform conservation decisions. This included measuring social tolerances and avoidances of conspecifics (conflict reduction), investigating inbreeding and disease avoidance behaviours, and testing non-invasive genetic sampling using detection dogs and koala scat. During this time he also worked as a conservation detection dog handler for koala surveys. 

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