Föstudaginn 18. janúar kl. 9.00 mun Ólafur Sigurgeirsson flytja fyrirlestur sem hann nefnir „How much are the increasing production of farmed salmon in the north Atlantic and the simultaneously decreasing stocks of wild salmon related?“


The production of farmed salmon in the north Atlantic has increased steadily last 4-5 decades and the volume exceeds 1,5 million tons. Simultaneously the stocks of wild salmon have decreased dramatically in most of the countries. How much are these trends related?

Cage farming of salmon has been gradually increasing last decades in Iceland. By regulation 2004 most of the coast, except in west fjords and southern part of east fjords + Eyjafjörður, was closed for production of fertile salmon. Additional restrictions were made 2017 due to risk assessment of genetic impact of escaped salmon. The assessment will be evaluated and discussed.

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